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Bloom List November 17, 2020


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November 17, 2020

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Focus on:

Tillandsia Flexuosa  



Tillandsia Flexuosa Viva Parva is a lovely air plant. It is native to Florida, Central and South America and Mexico.  Producing an inflorescence 2-3 feet long and is viviparous bearing 10 or more pups along the stem.  Maturity can result in plants up to 20” or more! T. Viva Parva will look great in your

holiday arrangements or in any display. Now available in two sizes and priced for a quick sale.  ORDER YOURS TODAY!


Flexuosa Viva Parva Small $2.50

Flexuosa Viva Parve Large $4.00



Blooming Tillandsia Favorites

Check out these great prices & order today!

Abdita Red Form $7.50 Low Bud!

Achyrostachys x Calfanii $10.00

Achyrostachys x Exserta $6.00

SALE! Araujei Green Star $1.99

SALE! Araujei Purple Star $1.99

Arhiza Giant Form $10.00

SALE! Balbisiana x Exserta $4.99

SALE! Bradeana $2.99

Bradeana x Roland Gosselinii $10.00

Bradeana x Flabellata $10.00

SALE! Butzii x Pruinosa $6.99 Nice!

SALE! Caliginosa x Crocata $2.99 Yellow Fragrant Flowers!

Capitata Red Giant $8.00

Capitata x Balbisiana $5.00

SALE! Caput. x Brachy. $5.99

Crocata Clump $5.00 Fragrant! Nice!

Fasciculata Roddy $15.00

Fasciculata x Ionantha $6.00

SALE! Festucoides Hybrid $2.99

Houston X $8.00

SALE! Ionantha Big Boy $3.99 Great Color!

Ionantha Fuego Red Giant $7.50

Ionantha Grace $2.00

Ionantha Selecta $2.25 Nice Color!

Ionantha x Baileyi $2.00

Ionantha x Concolor Select Red $12.50 Low Bud!

Ionantha x Floribunda $8.00 Colorful--In Bud!

Ionantha x Paucifolia $3.50

SUPER SALE! Ionantha x Schiedeana 99¢ Low Bud!

Ixioides Fragrant Dwarf $6.00 Low Bud!

Juncea 12-18” $2.50

Kolbii 65¢ Low Bud!

Majestic $25.00

Pardoii $1.00 Sweet!

Pruinosa x Scaposa $8.00

Rodrigueziana Hybrid Giant $5.00

Seleriana x Velutina $7.50

SALE! Streptocarpa $3.99 Fragrant!

Stricta Maharaja $3.00

Stricta Violet $2.50

Stricta Violet Multibloom $5.00 Nice!

Tenuifolia Open $1.25 Low Bud!

Twisted Tim $8.00

SALE! Twisted Tim Giant Green $7.99

Zsa Zsa Small $5.00 (Bud Only) 


Seasonal Color Foliage Tillandsia

Aeranthos Mini Purple $1.00

SALE! Araujei Purple Star 1.99

SALE! Capitata v Domingensis $4.99

Capitata Mauve 4-7”  $5.00

Chiapensis 1-3” $2.00

Ehlersiana 2-3”  $0.75

Ionantha Premium per lb. $18.00 BUD & COLORFUL!

Pruinosa x Scaposa $8.00 Bud!

Stricta Magenta $4.00

Stricta Violet $2.50 Bud!

SALE! Tenuifolia v Amethyst $4.99




*Extra Large Specimen Colony SALE*

Now Just $10.00, order yours Today!!!!

Volleyball size and Larger, Incredible!!!!!!



Tillandsia specimens are natural colonies of Tillandsia forming a clump or ball; this is how they grow in nature. These specimens are hung by a galvanized steel wire, so they do not take up precious floor or bench space. They add a dramatic effect in any greenhouse, patio, or bright window of your house. Due to their size, specimens handle neglect much better than single plants and require less care. The specimens bloom with many bloom spikes forming a hanging ball of color. These natural colonies of Tillandsias have mature plants, pups, and old mother plants with spent blooms on them.

$10 Specimen SALE          FINAL DAYS          

Incredible savings on older, very established colonies. These lovely gems can be broken down into multiple smaller colonies or many single plants.

A great value.

Growers choice only. Selection varies based on availability.

(additional shipping costs may be incurred due to plant size)  

Connoisseur’s Corner

(Limit 5 per customer unless otherwise noted)

 Aeranthos “Teddy Bear” $12.00 (Limit 25 per order)

SALE! Caput. Medusae x Velutina $19.99  BUD  Beautiful! (Limit 5 per order)

Diguetii $25.00

Durangensis $40.00

Ehlersiana x Bulbosa $50.00

New! Harrisii x Xerographica $100.00 (Limit 1 per order)

Paucifolia Snow White x Strepto. $75.00 (Limit 1 per order)

NEW PRICE! Streptophylla x Ehlersiana $60.00

Xero. x Concolor $30.00 (Limit 5 per order)


How to buy our rare plants:  Rare species are allocated to our biggest and most

 consistent customers who support our entire line up of plants, after placing at least

three orders with a minimum of 12 species per order.  We do not service

customers that send orders for only our rare species.

Hanging Tillandsia Clumps

Aeranthos Minuette Hanging Specimen Sml. $10.00                                                        

Aeranthos Minuette Hanging Specimen Med. $20.00

Aeranthos Minuette Hanging Specimen Lrg. $40.00

Bulbosa Mini Brazil Hanging Ball $8.00

SALE! Capitata Mauve Hanging Clump Sml. $4.99

Capitata Mauve Hanging Clump Lrg. $10.00

Ehlersiana Hanging Clump Small $10.00

Funckiana Hanging Clump $5.00

Karwinskyana Hanging Clump $10.00

Neglecta Hanging Clump $5.00

Seideliana Hanging Clump Sml. $5.00

Stricta v Compacta Hanging Clump $5.00

Xero. x Brachy. Hanging Clump Sml. $5.00

Xero. x Brachy. Hanging Clump Lrg. $10.00

Mountable Tillandsia

Butzii x Pruinosa  $6.99

Butzii Giant Hybrid $6.00

Caput Medusae 7-10” $5.00

Caput x Pseudobaileyi $6.00

Ionantha Floribunda  $8.00

Seleriana  $4.00

Showtime $10.00

Xerographica Large $25.00

Value Tillandsia

Value for volume projects.

Use to occupy that empty space in your Living Walls,                                 Floral Arrangements, Bouquets and More!

SALE! Aeranthos/Bergeri per lb. $4.99

SALE! Festucoides $1.99

SALE! X Kimberly $1.99

Straminea Bush $1.00

SUPER SALE! Stricta Green per lb. $2.00

SALE! Stricta Premium per lb. $5.99

SALE! Stricta, Tenuifolia, & Hybrid per lb. $4.99

SALE! Tenuifolia Bush $1.50

SALE! Xero. x Brachy per lb. $4.99


 “Show Stoppers”

 Capitata Apricot $10.00

Majestic $25.00

Novakii $30.00

Streptophylla Guat 6-7”  $15.00

Strepto. x Novakii $40.00

Tectorum 6-9” $10.00



Xero. x Brachy.  per lb.

Specials by the Pound

 (Not in bud unless otherwise noted)

SALE!  Aeranthos/Bergeri per lb. $9.50 $4.99

SALE!  Ionantha per lb. $9.50 GREAT DEAL!

SUPER SALE!  Stricta Green per lb. $8.00 $2.00  

SALE!  Stricta Premium per lb. $9.00 $5.99

SALE! Stricta, Tenuifolia, & Hybrids per lb. $8.00 $4.99

SUPER SALE! Xero. x Brachy. per lb. $4.99


Fire Sale!

SALE! Araujei Open 99¢

SALE! Cocoensis 50¢


Specials Not in Bloom

Bulbosa Mini Brazil Ball $5.00

Callichroma 4-7” $6.00

SALE! Capitata v Domingensis $4.99