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Bloom List September 15, 2020


Tillandsia International

43714 Road 415, Coarsegold, CA 93614
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Due to the impact of the fires and air quality in this area, some orders may be delayed a few days.

September 15, 2020

(Updated every Tuesday)


Focus on:

Xero. x Brachy.

 Tillandsia Xero. x Brachy. is a fabulous cross between Xerographica and Brachycaulos. Its soft, curving leaves create a nice rosette shape. The leaves will blush pink when in bloom and exposed to light. T. Xero. x Brachy. can grow to an elegant size beyond 10”. This lovely air plant is hardy and resilient to minor neglect and is a great addition to any arrangement. On sale now and available in various sizes and clump form.


SALE! Xero. x Brachy. 3-4” 99¢

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. 5-7” $1.50

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. 8-10” $3.99

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. Clump Small $1.99

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. Clump Large $2.99

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. per lb. $4.99


Quantity discount structure:

$400.00 + = 10%, $600.00 + = 20%, $800.00 + = 30%, $2000.00 + = 32%

Blooming Tillandsia Favorites

Check out these great prices & order today!

Acostae $10.00

Achyrostachys $8.00

Araujei Closed $2.50

Balbisiana x Velutina $6.00

Brachy. x Concolor $6.00

Brachy. x Schiedeana $2.00

Caerulea 99¢ Fragrant

Caliginosa $1.75

Caliginosa x Crocata $6.00 New Crop – Fragrant!

Capitata Carnival $10.00

Capitata Red Giant $8.00

SALE! Capitata x Balbisiana $3.99

Crocata Clump $5.00 Fragrant!

Crocata Giant $3.50 Fragrant!

Crocata v Tristis $2.00

Dura $7.50 Nice Red Bud!

Duratii 4-6” $5.00` Fragrant!

Duratii 7-10” $7.50 Fragrant!

Duratii Thick Leaf Small $15.00 Fragrant!

Duratii Thick Leaf Large $25.00 Fragrant!

Fasciculata Paint Brush $7.99 NICE!

Fasciculata v Hondurensis $15.00

Houston x $8.00

Ixioides Fragrant Dwarf $6.00 Low Bud!

Jalisco-Monticola $50.00 BOLD!

Latifolia 2-4” $2.50 Sweet!

Red Torch $20.00 Very Nice

SALE! Rhomboidea $10.00

Rodrigueziana x Brachy. $4.00

Rothii $35.00 Limited

Streptocarpa $6.00 Fragrant!

Tectorum 4-5” $4.00

Tortillas $6.00

Vernicosa Giant Multi Bloom $15.00 NICE!

Zsa Zsa $10.00




*Extra Large Specimen Colony SALE*

Now Just $10.00, order yours Today!!!!

Basketball size and Larger, Incredible!!!!!!


Tillandsia specimens are natural colonies of Tillandsia forming a clump or ball; this is how they grow in nature. These specimens are hung by a galvanized steel wire, so they do not take up precious floor or bench space. They add a dramatic effect in any greenhouse, patio, or bright window of your house. Due to their size, specimens handle neglect much better than single plants and require less care. The specimens bloom with many bloom spikes forming a hanging ball of color. These natural colonies of Tillandsias have mature plants, pups, and old mother plants with spent blooms on them.

 $10 Specimen SALE         

Incredible savings on older, very established colonies. These lovely gems can be broken down into multiple smaller colonies or many single plants.

A great value.

Growers choice only. Selection varies based on availability.

*****(additional shipping costs may be incurred due to plant size)  


Just Released  * Just Released  * Just Released *

Ehlersiana Clump Large $5.00

Harrisii x Xerographica $100.00 (Limit 1 per order)

Karwinskyana Hanging Clump $10.00

King Cobra $60.00 (Limit 1 per order)

Nuptialis $10.00 (limit 10 per order)


Connoisseur’s Corner

(Limit 5 per customer unless otherwise noted)


Aeranthos “Teddy Bear” $12.00 (limit 25 per order)

Bulbosa 10-14” @ $15.00

Candy Apple Red $30.00 (Limit 1 per customer) In Bud

Carlsoniae x Chiapensis $100.00

Chiapensis x Caput $30.00

Diguetii $25.00

Durangensis $40.00

Ehlersiana x Bulbosa $50.00

Elongata $30.00

New! Harrisii x Xerographica $100.00 (limit 1 per order)

Huarazensis $30.00 (Limit 2 per customer)

Kautskyi $30.00

Paucifolia Snow White x Strepto. $75.00 (limit 1 per order)

Reuteri Small $30.00 (limit 2 per customer)

Reuteri Large $40.00 (limit 2 per customer)

Rothii x Jalisco-Monticola $125.00 IN BUD! (limit 1 per customer)

NEW PRICE! Streptophylla x Ehlersiana $60.00

Tomasellii 20-24” $100.00 IN BUD! (limit 1 per customer)



How to buy our rare plants:  Rare species are allocated to our biggest and most

 consistent customers who support our entire line up of plants, after placing at least

three orders with a minimum of 12 species per order.  We do not service

customers that send orders for only our rare species.

Hanging Tillandsia Clumps

Aeranthos Minuette Hanging Specimen Small $10.00

Bermejoensis Hanging Clump $8.00

Bulbosa Mini Brazil Hanging Ball $8.00

Capitata Mauve Hanging Clump $5.00

Ehlersiana Hanging Clump Small $6.00

Karwinskyana Hanging Clump $10.00

Ionantha Fuego Hanging Clump  $5.00

Xero x Brachy Hanging Clump  $5.00


Mountable Tillandsia

Bulbosa 10-14” $15.00

Caput Medusae 8-10” $5.00  

Caput x Pseudobaileyi $6.00

Ionantha Guat 65¢


Value Tillandsia

Value for volume projects.

Tillandsia to use to occupy that empty space in your Living Walls, Floral Arrangements, and Bouquets

SALE! Aeranthos/Bergeri per lb. $4.99

Bermejoensis Clump $4.00

Capitata Mauve Small Clump $2.00

SALE! Festucoides $1.99

SALE! X Kimberly $1.99

Straminea Bush $1.00

SUPER SALE! Stricta Green per lb. $2.00

SALE! Stricta, Tenuifolia, & Hybrid per lb. $4.99

SALE! Tenuifolia Bush $1.50

SALE! Xero. x Brachy per lb. $4.99

 “Show Stoppers”

SALE! Bronze Crown $8.99

Capitata Apricot $10.00

Capitata Maroon $15.00

SALE! Latifolia Viva Parva $12.99

Majestic $25.00

Novakii $30.00

SALE! Secunda 9-14” $6.00

SALE! Tectorum 6-9” $7.99



Xero. x Brachy.  per lb.

Specials by the Pound

 (Not in bud unless otherwise noted)

 SALE!  Aeranthos/Bergeri per lb. $9.50 $4.99

SALE!  Ionantha per lb. $9.50 GREAT DEAL!

SALE!  Montana Purple per lb. $8.00  NEW!

SUPER SALE!  Stricta Green per lb. $8.00 $2.00  

Stricta Premium per lb. $9.00 $5.99

SALE! Stricta, Tenuifolia, & Hybrids per lb. $8.00 $4.99

SUPER SALE! Xero. x Brachy. per lb. $4.99

Fire Sale!

SALE! Araujei Open 99¢

SALE! Cocoensis 50¢

SALE! Concolor 6-8” 1.99

SALE! Concolor 9-12” 5.99

SALE! Fasciculata Hybrid $5.00

SALE! Stricta Black Beauty $1.99

SALE! Stricta Rio Negro $1.99

Specials Not in Bloom

Bulbosa Mini Brazil Ball $5.00

Callichroma 4-7” $6.00

Capitata Mauve 2-3” $1.50

SALE! Capitata v Domingensis $4.99

SALE! Concolor 6-8” $1.99

SALE! Concolor 9-12” $5.99

SALE!  Flexuosa Grand Cayman $19.99

SUPER SALE! Ionantha Curly Giant 2½ - 4” $5.99

SALE! Ionantha Firecracker $1.00

Latifolia Viva Parva Small $10.00

SALE!  Neglecta Giant $1.25

SALE!  Pruinosa x Seleriana $5.99

SALE! Secunda 4-5” $1.50

SALE! Secunda 6-8” $3.00

SALE! Secunda 9-14” $6.00

Secunda 15”+ $10.00

Somnians 4-9” $3.00 New Size!

Somnians 10-18” $6.00 New Size!

SALE!  Stricta Soft Purple $2.50

SALE!  Tectorum 2-3” $1.50 Nice!

SALE!   Tenuifolia Bush $1.50

Tricolor x Juncea $7.50

SALE! Usneoides Fine $6.00 $3.99 Bright Green color!

SALE! Usneoides Fine per lb. $9.99

X Curly Slim 6-8” $15.00 Manager Special

SALE! X Curly Slim 9-12” $25.00

SALE!  X Curly Slim 13-18” $30.00

X Inca Gold $1.00

SALE! X Kimberly $1.99

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. 3-4” $.99¢

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. 5-7” $1.50

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. 8-10” $3.99

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. Clump Small $1.99

SALE! Xero. x Brachy. Clump Large $2.99


Returning Favorites

(Not in bud unless otherwise noted)

Look who’s back!


Balbisiana x Velutina $6.00

Brachy. x Concolor $6.00

Capitata Carnival $10.00

Chiapensis x Mitlaensis $15.00 New Price!

Durangensis $40.00

Elongata $30.00

Kautskyi $30.00 (limit 5 per order)

Paleacea Hybrid $1.00

Paleacea x Tectorum $1.00

Stricta Purple Rain $5.00 Great purple cast!

SALE! Tehuacana 3-6” $2.00



Need BIG Plants?

Ampla $10.00

Capitata Maroon $15.00

Cereicola 13”+ $10.00

SALE! Fasciculata v Compacta Lg. $9.99

Krukoffiana 13-24” $25.00

SALE! Latifolia Viva Parva $12.99

SALE!  Secunda 6-8” $3.00

SALE!  Secunda 9-14” $6.00

SALE!  Secunda 15”+ $10.00

Strepto. x Novakii $40.00

Superinsignis Large $10.00





Need small Plants?

Aeranthos Bronze $1.00

Aeranthos Mini Purple $1.00

Bulbosa Mini Brazil $2.00

Cocoensis $1.00

Ehlersiana 2-3” 75¢

Fuchsii v Gracillis .55¢

Funckiana 2-3” $1.00

Ionantha Guat. 65¢

Neglecta 75¢

Pedicellata $5.00

Tenuifolia Bronze Tip 75¢

Tillandsia International does not spray paint any of its plants.

Never has and never will.


** This is not a complete listing of our availability. ** 
For complete availability and order form, please visit

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Online Ordering – Secure & Easy!


In order to better serve our customers, we urge you to use our secured online order form at   Click on the blinking “ORDER HERE”.  We also accept faxed orders at 559.658.8847.  This helps eliminate errors in addresses, phone numbers, and species names, as well as cut down

 on lengthy phone call holding time.


First time customers MUST use our online order form to place their first order.


Domestic Minimum Order Requirement $200.00

Foreign and Hawaii Minimum Order Requirement $400.00




Plants $2.00 and under = minimum 10 plants per species.

Plants between $2.01 - $9.99 = minimum 5 plants per species.

Plants $10.00 and over = minimum 1 plant per species.



 Domestic Quantity Discount Levels

$400.00 = 10%

$600.00 = 20%

$800.00 = 30%

$2000.00 = 32%

Foreign and Hawaii Quantity Discount Levels

$600.00 = 20%

$800.00 = 30%

$2000.00 = 32%



If you live in CA, OR, WA, UT, ID, NV, AZ, MT, WY, CO, or NM

You may choose UPS Ground for your order.


If you live in any other state:

Your order will be shipped via The United States Postal Service (USPS).

Time in transit: 2-3 business days.


If you need your order sooner or prefer UPS, you still have the option of

 UPS Next Day Air, Second Day Air or Three Day Select.

If you prefer to have your order shipped via UPS, please indicate this upon placing your order. 

If no preference is indicated, your order will ship USPS.


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We are working daily to provide you with healthy, quality Tillandsias

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