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Bloom List November 17, 2020


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November 17, 2020

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Focus on:

Tillandsia Flexuosa  



Tillandsia Flexuosa Viva Parva is a lovely air plant. It is native to Florida, Central and South America and Mexico.  Producing an inflorescence 2-3 feet long and is viviparous bearing 10 or more pups along the stem.  Maturity can result in plants up to 20” or more! T. Viva Parva will look great in your

holiday arrangements or in any display. Now available in two sizes and priced for a quick sale.  ORDER YOURS TODAY!


Flexuosa Viva Parva Small $2.50

Flexuosa Viva Parve Large $4.00



Blooming Tillandsia Favorites

Check out these great prices & order today!

Abdita Red Form $7.50 Low Bud!

Achyrostachys x Calfanii $10.00

Achyrostachys x Exserta $6.00

SALE! Araujei Green Star $1.99

SALE! Araujei Purple Star $1.99

Arhiza Giant Form $10.00

SALE! Balbisiana x Exserta $4.99

SALE! Bradeana $2.99

Bradeana x Roland Gosselinii $10.00

Bradeana x Flabellata $10.00

SALE! Butzii x Pruinosa $6.99 Nice!

SALE! Caliginosa x Crocata $2.99 Yellow Fragrant Flowers!

Capitata Red Giant $8.00

Capitata x Balbisiana $5.00

SALE! Caput. x Brachy. $5.99

Crocata Clump $5.00 Fragrant! Nice!

Fasciculata Roddy $15.00

Fasciculata x Ionantha $6.00

SALE! Festucoides Hybrid $2.99

Houston X $8.00

SALE! Ionantha Big Boy $3.99